Proactive approach to workplace safety.


About Armadillo Worksafe.

Safety is number one in the workplace.

Safety experts agree, it's much better for companies to take a proactive stance on serious safety issues than a reactive one – for all parties concerned.  In that spirit Armadillo Worksafe, a new face in the safety product world, recently announced the release of their first product Armadillo Toe Guard that addresses the very serious of foot and toe injuries in manufacturing warehouses from accidents involving industrial tables. Armadillo Toe Guard is a much needed, timely and cost effective solution.

“We're very excited about our launch and confident that our Armadillo Toe Guard is going to prevent unnecessary injuries,”  says Keith Stone, Owner and Founder of Armadillo Worksafe.  “Our early success at Boeing makes it clear smart management would rather employ an easy to use safety product like this, rather than have situations where more workers lose their toes.”

The Armadillo Toe Guard minimizes the risk of injury and the loss of production in the workplace.
— Keith Stone, Owner and Founder Armadillo Worksafe

According to Armadillo Worksafe, their product is simple to attach to industrial table wheels, sitting a half inch off the ground and creates a more safe situation where bumping the guard doesn't hurt a worker's toes at all – rather than sees them cut off, if this were to occur and the the toe guards weren't present.

Early feedback from customers has been positive across the board,

Greg J., from Ohio, recently said in a five star review, “Using Armadillo Toe Guards has been a very wise decision for us.  There's been at least one recent incident where an injury would have likely occurred if not for the toe guard.  We couldn't be happier.  Fully recommended.”

By The Numbers

2015 Number of Injured Employees: 51 million

2015 Cost Associated With Missed Labor: $51 billion

Number One Most Common Non-Fatal Injury: Overexertion

Overexertion Costs To Industry Alone: More Than $14 billion

Construction's "Fatal Four" Most Common Workplace Injuries: 
1.) Falls
2.) Electrocutions
3.) Struck by Object
4.) Caught-in/between

How Many American Lives Eliminating The Fatal Four Would Save Every Year:  545