What is the Armadillo Toe Guard?

Safety device that protects the feet of your most important assets, your employees. It’s a steel protector that fits around equipment casters around the workplace that prevents dangerous injuries.


Who will benefit from the Armadillo Toe Guard?

Any company that wants to take a proactive approach to safety in the workplace. Manufacturing companies frequently use tables with caster wheels to transport carts and equipment, the Armadillo Toe Guard fits around these casters and acts as a prevention device saving worker’s feet and other body parts.


How does the Armadillo Toe Guard install?

  1. Attaches to the axle of the Toe Guard

  2. Clamps in place with patented locking mechanism

  3. Tighten with the supplied hex-key wrench


How much does it Weigh?

A typical 6” Armadillo Toe Guard weighs 3 pounds.


What about Shipping?

We charge a flat-rate for shipping. The Armadillo Toe Guards are sold in packs of 4. We ship orders the next business day and usually arrive within 3-7 business days.


How Can I be a Distributor?

Use the contact form on the contact us page and submit your company information and an Armadillo representative will be in touch with you shortly to discuss next steps.


Still have questions?

Please visit our contact us page and we’ll be happy to answer any outstanding questions you have.